How do I ensure my access control policy is internationally consistent?

The world leader in access control

Authentication for Government

  • Establishes and proofs identities
  • Manages the lifecycle of identities
  • Provides physical access
  • Authenticates access for IT systems
  • Digitally signs email and documents
  • Decrypts email and files
  • Delivers full disk encryption & boot protection
  • Protects print jobs with secure printing

Multi-factor PKI

  • Requires two+ combined credentials
  • Controls building and secure area access
  • Provides onsite and remote login
  • Delivers secure access, even in the cloud
  • Allows for digital signatures & encryption
  • Achieves FICAM and FIPS 201 compliance
  • Meets NIST SP 800-116 compliance
  • Delivers TWIC reader requirements